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Tornado Relief


UWOC Weekly Tornado Relief Fund Update as of 5/15/20

$187,074.00 raised to date



UWOC Tornado Relief Update as of 5/15/20

$187,074.00 amount raised to date
(includes $41,000 previously paid out to partner agencies and $30,404 in direct assistance)...leaving a $115,670 balance.


UW Tornado Impact Committee approved expenditures for this past week was $9,300. The following assistance and repairs were made and completed THIS week...

2 complete roof replacements
2 Vent Pipe Boot Repairs

Balance as of 5/15/20 $106,370


Reminder: Our Relief committee reviews and approves all major expenses each week. We continue to work to maximize your financial contributions wisely to serve those in need in our community. ALL payments are paid to a confirmed licensed contractor or authorized vendor. All applicants, work, and information verified through one of our casemanagers, insurance and UW license contractors. All required permits and registrations obtained.

We continue to work with 211 and partner agencies for referrals and other assistance to meet other needs clients may have. Also, we continue to direct clients to fill out FEMA Disaster Assistance program information.

Persons or families needing assistance with our Relief Funding, please call 211, this is a FREE call from your land or mobile phone and available 24/7/365. They will take an initial disaster report and forward to a case manager in real time. A case manager will follow up to get a full application completed within 1-2 business days, not including holidays. Completed applications will be reviewed weekly for assistance.

Our regular direct office programs are still ongoing... diapers, formula, and hygiene assistance. Due to COVID19 our front office hours will have abbreviated hours for assistance (M-F 9am-1pm) through May 30. Other times by appointment. For the protection of all, a face mask or covering should be worn inside our location.

Again, thank you to all who have donated to the United Way Oconee Tornado Relief Fund! Our volunteers are working daily getting out acknowledgement notes and receipting for mailed donations. If you paid via Venmo you should have immediately received an electronic receipt. We are most appreciative of your trust in us to continue serving our great community as we navigate through these unprecedented times.

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